I’m currently in the midst of satisfying a curiosity with the entire region surrounding the old Soulanges canal, West of the island of Montréal, between Pointe-des-Cascades and Les Coteaux. This zone is amazing for its cycling possibilities. On this outing, I parked along the Soulanges canal, riding a few kilometers past the old power station […]

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End to End Burner

In the world of graffiti, when you paint a train car from one end to the other, you call it an ‘end to end burner’. One of my favourite bike rides lately has been to drive out to Pointe-des-Cascades and ride along the Soulanges Canal to its other end in Coteau-du-Lac and back. It’s about […]

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Virtual Cyclist

Foreseeing the current heat wave in Montreal, I took advantage of the last cool evening and went on a 40 km bike ride.  I tossed the GPS in my packsack and headed through St. Henri and Verdun to the Ice Boom (Estacade) that runs parallel to the Pont Champlain and serves to break ice up […]

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