Mount Jefferson

Following a summer of epic travels, including trips to the Yukon Territory & Alaska, New Brunswick & Maine, Newfoundland, and driving across the prairies to Waterton Lakes National Park and back, I was about due for a New Hampshire vacation! So when Labour Day weekend came around, I drove down to North Conway for two […]

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Last spring I was invited to begin working on a project for the Foreman Art Gallery, located at Bishop’s University in Lennoxville, Québec. The resulting exhibition Stanstead Project, or How to Cross the Border is concerned with geographical and geopolitical borders (as presented by artists Ursula Biemann , Christian Philipp Müller and myself). My work for this exhibition, which […]

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Mount Pierce

I’m a prairie boy from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Part of the reason I am so fascinated with topography is that where I spent the first twenty-three years of my life, there is very little of it. When my family recently visited Montréal, we decided to rent a house in New Hampshire, and appreciate the joys of […]

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Mont St. Hilaire

A popular but favourite spot to many Montrealers is nearby Mont St. Hilaire.  Ridiculously popular on autumn long weekends, it is an especially pleasant hill to go walking around during the shoulder season and on weekdays (or even in the rain, as I have done a few times).  Only 45 minutes from Montreal, it offers […]

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Montagne Noire

875 metre Montagne Noire lies in the Saint-Donat region of the Laurentians.  A 13km round-trip hike would take you via a pleasant (but wet on our outing) trail from the parking lot to the crash site of the Liberator Harry B-24 bomber, and a small symbolic cemetery for the 20 people who lost their lives […]

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Norway 2010

I had the fortune to spend 10 days in August driving and hiking around Norway’s Western Fjords.  Trips like this drive me nuts!  There is so much beautiful landscape, and not enough time to enjoy it.  Many short day trips were taken, along with two longer trips (a climb up to 1453m Geitfonnegga, and the […]

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