Walking to the glacial lagoon that lies at the base of the spectacular two-tiered Morsárjökull, you enter almost immediately into one of the most desolate landscapes imaginable – black sand plains. Even as someone who grew up in Canada’s prairies, it is almost unbelievable that something created by nature can be THIS flat. After crossing […]

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In Iceland back in 2011 I wanted to summit this peak in Skaftafell Park, a beautiful spot on the South coast. The weather did not cooperate then, with winds easily gusting over 100km/h it would have been too sketchy, so I just hiked the rest of the lovely Skaftafellsheiði loop instead. This time around the […]

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I would recommend this short walk to anyone driving through Iceland’s Snæfellsnes peninsula. The approach road is on gravel, however the condition was good enough to permit us to take the KIA Picanto rental car up to the trailhead (at least in July, 2013). I was greeted with fierce winds on the summit of this first […]

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