The Ridge

One last hurrah. After gorging ourselves on a Greenlandic buffet at Hotel Narsarsuaq last night, we needed to work off some of the salmon, so we all headed up towards Hospital Valley again and branched onto The Ridge hike. A short (3 hours round trip is a very comfortable pace) walk to the top of […]

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Ammassiviup Qaqqaa

After being picked up by boat at Hvalsey yesterday evening, we sailed back to Qassiarsuk in order to do a little more shooting before returning to Narsarsuaq, and eventually leaving Greenland. There was still one more vantage I had not visited in the Qassiarsuk region, Ammassiviup Qaqqaa. Recommended to me by Knud and Søren, Ammassiviup Qaqqaa […]

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Qaqortukuluup Qaqqaa

It has been a week since I have done any hiking. The remainder of my time in Igaliku was spent capturing as much footage as possible for the Viking Explorer’s project of two archeologists and one restoration expert that were stabilizing the stone archways of Garðar’s tithe barn. On July 24th, we departed Igaliku with this restoration […]

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After spending four nights in Qassiarsuk, we sailed across Tunulliarfik (Eriks) Fjord to the landing at Itilleq. A gentle 4km walk along the King’s Road from Itilleq leads you to the wonderful town of Igaliku (Norse Garðar), where we settled in for a six-night stay in a comfortable house. After shooting wrapped up in the afternoon […]

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During our three nights at the Narsarsuaq Hostel we meet Knud Falk and Søren Møller who manage the site Knud and Søren are researchers studying peregrine falcons in South Greenland, and have been conducting field work for over 30 years in the area. I asked them for advice on good vantages, and they gave […]

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