Chester Lake

I intended to visit Chester Lake back in 2009, but a bear forced a reconsideration of the objective, and I ended up climbing The Fortress instead. I decided to make another attempt now that the bears are sleeping. This was my first time snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies, and it was hard to believe that […]

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Mount Sparrowhawk

Winter has come early to the alpine of the Canadian Rockies. On this Kananaskis outing, the snow line began around 2300 metres, and became persistently more dense until the 3100 metre summit. A cool and grey day in the valley turned into a full fledged whiteout with 80km/h wind near the summit. Hopefully my next […]

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Tent Ridge

It probably would have taken me years to find out about this gem, but thanks to the advice of some good friends, I had the opportunity to join in this amazing ridge walk in Kananaskis. Tent Ridge is so enjoyable due to its horseshoe shape, and prime location amidst a smattering of dramatic peaks, including […]

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Big Sister

While sipping on a beer later that afternoon on the shore of Johnson Lake I described my ascent of Big Sister. “You mean like the Three Sisters?” Someone said. “Yeah”. “What are the names of the other sisters?” “Well there’s Big Sister, Middle Sister, and Little Sister”. “Are they harder to climb the bigger they […]

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Mount Baldy

As the weather shaped up to be even hotter than yesterday, I decided to do something nearby and quick. Mount Baldy, near Barrier Lake in Kananaskis fit the bill. A moderate scramble with some exposure on an exciting ridge offers enough entertainment, but the round trip only took me 3 hours and 45 minutes. I […]

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Grizzly Peak

Following yesterday’s big outing up Storm Mountain in Kootenay, I wanted to just sleep all day. The weather forecast however was too good to pass up, so I met my knees halfway and opted for a short and easy scramble up Grizzly Peak in Kananaskis. Grizzly Peak is an unofficial name for an otherwise nameless […]

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Mount Tyrwhitt

I spent a few days in Waterton Lakes National Park shooting for my border project, and on the way back to Banff, decided to take advantage of the lovely weather, and scramble up Mt Tyrwhitt in the Highwood Pass. Tyrwhitt was supposed to be a moderate scramble of 4.5 – 6 hours, with a simple, […]

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