Paradise Valley

To soothe aching muscles after a few steep days in Glacier Park, we decided to head to Lake Annette / Paradise Valley with its minimal elevation gain. While rated as a premiere hike in the ‘Don’t Waste your Time in the Canadian Rockies’ guide, I feel that it would have been better saved for a […]

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Mount St Piran

After checking in at the Banff Centre on July 1st, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to assess the mountain conditions, so we headed up the diminutive Mount St Piran in the Lake Louise group for a good view. The summer is around one month behind in the Rockies this year, so the snow lingers, and continues, even […]

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Mount Niblock

A classic example of mountain weather forecasting.  Environment Canada predicted +24 and sun, but it turned out to be cloud, snow and around +4.  Nevertheless, this was a great scramble.  As Alan Kane writes, the ‘crux’ really is negotiating the hundreds of hikers on the Lake Agnes trail who are visiting the tea house!  At […]

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Devil’s Thumb

My week has been full of orientation and administration since arrival at The Banff Centre.  Today, I managed to get some minimal wandering in however.  After the daily buffet breakfast, I headed to Lake Louise and joined ‘the masses’ up to Lake Agnes.  Then I scrambled up the promontory known as the Devil’s Thumb.  Around […]

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