Snowshoeing in Morin Heights

To kick off the 2014 spring break week, I headed up to Morin Heights with my friend Jean-François for a mainly off trail snowshoe. We parked at the Corridor Aérobique and paid the $9 daily snowshoe fee, then travelled in a southeasterly direction across Lac Écho, continued south along its outlet stream (frozen), and eventually […]

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Mont Singer

Mont Singer, or Mont Signer, depending on what map you are looking at, is an 810 metre mountain in the Réserve naturelle des Montagnes-Vertes. It was my first time hiking in this specific region, as I usually favour nearby Mont Sutton. Access to the trail is south of Mansonville, following Chemin West Hill, to Chemin Ruiter […]

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Last spring I was invited to begin working on a project for the Foreman Art Gallery, located at Bishop’s University in Lennoxville, Québec. The resulting exhibition Stanstead Project, or How to Cross the Border is concerned with geographical and geopolitical borders (as presented by artists Ursula Biemann , Christian Philipp Müller and myself). My work for this exhibition, which […]

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I’m currently in the midst of satisfying a curiosity with the entire region surrounding the old Soulanges canal, West of the island of Montréal, between Pointe-des-Cascades and Les Coteaux. This zone is amazing for its cycling possibilities. On this outing, I parked along the Soulanges canal, riding a few kilometers past the old power station […]

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End to End Burner

In the world of graffiti, when you paint a train car from one end to the other, you call it an ‘end to end burner’. One of my favourite bike rides lately has been to drive out to Pointe-des-Cascades and ride along the Soulanges Canal to its other end in Coteau-du-Lac and back. It’s about […]

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