Mount Rowe

This nice weather is killing me!  I can’t bear to take a day off.  The blisters are starting to interfere however; both heels and my right pinky toe.  I couldn’t resist climbing in Waterton again today.  This time it was a quick (around 6 hours round trip) outing up Mount Rowe.  There are two options […]

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Mounts Carthew and Alderson

This was a big day out.  I woke up at 5am and drove down to Waterton (around 1 hour from Blairmore).  I saw two big bucks, a black bear and a grizzly on the trail.  I also climbed two mountains each nearly 2700 M.  The view of Mount Alderson from Carthew’s summit is probably the […]

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Bellevue Hill

This was my second go at Bellevue Hill in Waterton.  On the first attempt thunder and lightning sent Jessica and I back before we even gained the ridge.  This was a rest day, and the light was pretty bad, so I took the opportunity to make an illustrated example of a typical easy scramble in […]

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Crypt Lake

This is a hike that I wanted to do for a while.  Rated as ‘Premier’ in the hiker’s bible – Don’t Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies – my expectations were great.  It all started with a $17 boat ‘tour’, which consisted of a 10 minute ferry across Waterton Lake.  The two highlights, crawling […]

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