Mount Carnarvon

This scramble is described by Kane as possibly the best in the area surrounding Field in Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies. I must agree. The well-graded forested approach, and solid rock made it feel like alpine climbing in the Selkirks, and the summit view was so comprehensive you could actually see the Selkirks! Despite elevation gain […]

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Mount Niles

The scramble up Mount Niles begins with an easy hike to Sherbrooke Lake. An excellent trail continues along the east shore of the lake, then climbs past scenic waterfalls to a spectacular amphitheatre beneath the southern face of Mount Niles. From here, one follows the obvious drainage to the extensive Niles Meadows. Snaking your way […]

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The Iceline – take two

If there is one trail that is worth hiking again and again in the Rockies, it would have to be Yoho’s Iceline. I was even more impressed this time around, and the views for the minimal effort just cannot be beat. In 2009, I hiked the trail to the highpoint, and then out the same […]

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The Iceline

On my final day in the Icefields area I woke to more rain, so I decided to check out Yoho’s Iceline trail.  For the effort (750 M elevation gain all on a cushy trail) the scenery can’t be beat.  The views in all directions were spectacular.  Too bad I forgot to bring more film along, […]

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