Gibbon Pass and beyond

The phenomenal autumn weather continues to persist in the Rockies, and the dwindling daylight hours lead me to another bike and hike (scramble) this Sunday. This is the ideal time to do bike approaches, as the foot traffic has subsided for the season, and you can let it rip on the downhill without worry of running […]

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Panorama Ridge

It was a rare day for mid-October in the Rockies. Sunny and much warmer than average. Parks Canada closed the Moraine Lake Road on October 13th, so the possibility of cycling up to the lake, and having an iconic Canadian view all to myself was too great to pass up. While I was up there, […]

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Mount Sparrowhawk

Winter has come early to the alpine of the Canadian Rockies. On this Kananaskis outing, the snow line began around 2300 metres, and became persistently more dense until the 3100 metre summit. A cool and grey day in the valley turned into a full fledged whiteout with 80km/h wind near the summit. Hopefully my next […]

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Vermillion Peak

Vermillion Peak in Kootenay is a great little summit that is reached with only a few slight obstacles. The route is generally obvious – follow an avalanche slide path to a ridge, and eventually to the summit, however this slide path does not quite reach the present highway, and so the scramble begins with a […]

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Mount Niles

The scramble up Mount Niles begins with an easy hike to Sherbrooke Lake. An excellent trail continues along the east shore of the lake, then climbs past scenic waterfalls to a spectacular amphitheatre beneath the southern face of Mount Niles. From here, one follows the obvious drainage to the extensive Niles Meadows. Snaking your way […]

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Mount Edith Traverse

Mount Edith is an outing that I have had on my radar for a while now. Many elements conspire to make this an enjoyable scramble. The mountain is close to Banff, is easily accessed via a popular hiking trail, and three summits, each with its own distinct features, can be reached in a single traverse from north […]

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Dolomite Peak

My friend used to work at the Num-ti-jah Lodge. I recall his stories of clients scrambling up Dolomite Peak; the very name itself conjuring up images of exotic Alps. I have learned a valuable lesson this year: all Rocky Mountain climbing guidebooks speak of legendary ‘altered limestone’ that is ‘solid and improved’ – all of it […]

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