Lake O’Hara Fire Road

It has been a number of months since I’ve posted to this blog, mainly because I have hung up my boots, crampons, and snowshoes, and become completely obsessed with cross country skiing. Today’s outing along the Lake O’Hara fire road was so picturesque, I just had to share it. This 23km out-and-back route, which I have made in summer a few times on the yellow school bus, would be a trudge of a hike, but makes for an incredible ski. Gaining around 430 metres of elevation from the parking lot to the lake, it affords nearly constant views, and with good snow you can really open it up on the descent.

It’s just under 11km from the Lake O’Hara parking lot to the warden cabin and Le Relais shelter
Starting out in the sun! Decent snow and a moderate track
A glacier clings to the side of Mount Huber
Profile of the Wiwaxy Peaks
Schäffer Ridge and Mount Biddle come into view
The Lake O’Hara warden cabin sits at the edge of the lake
Skiing out onto Lake O’Hara
From right to left: Mount Yukness, Glacier Peak, Mount Lefroy, Mount Huber
Taking in some vitamin D
Heading back with a view of Mount Odaray, what a day!

2 thoughts on “Lake O’Hara Fire Road

  1. i knew you would become a ski fanatic if given the opportunity!
    Great shots, it is nice to see winter still intact.

    1. Hard not to enjoy it, it’s such a great sport! I hope you and the family have been enjoying a wondering winter. The snow is still going strong up in the Lake Louise area and beyond!

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