Snowshoeing in Morin Heights

To kick off the 2014 spring break week, I headed up to Morin Heights with my friend Jean-François for a mainly off trail snowshoe. We parked at the Corridor Aérobique and paid the $9 daily snowshoe fee, then travelled in a southeasterly direction across Lac Écho, continued south along its outlet stream (frozen), and eventually […]

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Parc de Doncaster Detour

It was our first time of 2011 snowshoeing up in the Laurentians.  Biggest challenge of the day?  Convincing the staff at tiny Parc de Doncaster that we would be o.k. leaving the park boundary without their official trail map, and not to arrange a search party if our car was still in the parking lot […]

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Montagne Noire

875 metre Montagne Noire lies in the Saint-Donat region of the Laurentians.  A 13km round-trip hike would take you via a pleasant (but wet on our outing) trail from the parking lot to the crash site of the Liberator Harry B-24 bomber, and a small symbolic cemetery for the 20 people who lost their lives […]

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Mont Loup Garou

Another day snowshoeing up in the Laurentides served as a much needed break from my computer and the overhauling of my website.  An approaching warm front meant temperatures rising to around 0 celcius by the day’s end.  The first half of the distance covered was via an apparently ‘private’ snowshoe trail which parallels two well-used […]

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Laurentian Snowshoe Traverse

A beautiful day for a map and compass traverse of the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal, from Prévost to Sainte-Adele.  We parked our car at the P’tit Train du Nord station in Prévost, and arrived at the station in Sainte-Adele 5 hours and 4 minutes, and 13.37 km later.  Our route decisions were made possible […]

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